January 06, 2020

Which Dave Ramsey Type of Shopper Are You?

We All Fit Into One of these Common Shopping Styles, Says the Budgeting Expert

Hello, January! The holidays are over – hope they were great! – and now it’s time for all of us parents to recover from the craziness that comes with playing Santa. Our bank accounts are usually the first thing we need to mend after the season of giving, and many of you turn to financial guru Dave Ramsey’s budgeting tips for guidance. We love his practical, accessible advice for taking control of our personal finances. Knowing yourself and the ways you spend is key to starting to save and budget. Dave identified six types of common shoppers, and we found some of our Kids on 45th customers in each profile. Take a look and see if you see yourself in any of these!

The Bargain Shopper

This is the parent who could have starred in TLC’s “Extreme Couponing.” S/he has a discount code for every purchase, whether in-store or online. It is not uncommon for this shopper to hit multiple stores in one day hunting for the best deal.

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The Researcher

We like to think of this parent as the Proud Planner. This is the parent who actually buys their holiday decorations and clothing items during the week after each holiday. They know the exact ratio of soccer shorts to shirts that will last their kiddo through the spring season, and they buy all they need in one swoop and don’t shop again until the next season.

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The Impulse Buyer

Impulse buyers are just as they sound: They make purchases at random when they see something they like/want/need, without much research or deliberation.

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The Negotiator

These types of buyers don’t like to pay retail prices. When it comes to making a purchase, negotiators will see how they can get the item for less, and won’t stop until they do.

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The Loyalist

Loyalists are extremely brand loyal and fond of buying everything in one place. They find a brand or product that works for them and they don’t stray from it.

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The Mama on a Mission

With a baby strapped to her back and credit card tucked in her front pocket, this mama makes a beeline for the clearance rack. She needs to stock up on daycare clothing items for her kids, and she’s shopping on a tight budget and even tighter timeline. She’s never tempted by impulse buys, and self checkout is her very best friend.

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Photo: Kids on 45th fan @thesweetestlittlelife shows us how she shops with kids.