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October 08, 2019

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Kiddo still need a Halloween costume? There’s no need to panic (yet) with these ideas for the fastest, easiest, cheapest Halloween costumes for kids.

With Halloween right around the corner, so is that creeping urgency to find unique, creative costumes for your kiddos (ideally without spending a ton of time or money!). Brand-new costumes can be super spendy, especially if your kiddo is only going to wear it once, and honestly so can DIY costumes if you get too elaborate! That’s why we are loving these cheap and easy ways to get your kids costumed this year.

Work With What You Have!

The average Halloween costume is nearly $100. This statistic helped spark our creativity as we surveyed our kiddo’s closet, and we hope it helps you too. 😉 So many clothing items you already have can be turned into the perfect Halloween costume. Take a red long-sleeve and a cut-out letter A to turn into Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks. A yellow dress, some black tape, and pipe cleaner wings can become the cutest homemade bumblebee on the block.

Here is our Minnie Makeover for inspiration:

DIY Minnie Mouse costume

Encourage Dress-Up!

Does anyone else take the price of an item and divide it by the times you wear it? 🙋‍♀️ Enter: the dress up box. Use your costumes year round for imaginative play (and occasional trips to the grocery store. We see you, toddler T-Rex in aisle three).

Check Out Our Nearly-new Costumes!

We scored a literal truckload of pre-loved costumes from our clothing distribution partners. Right now you can add a nearly-new Halloween Costumes to your Kids on 45th bundle for just $7.99 per costume - excellent bang for your buck, given how much even thrift store costumes run these days! You’ll get a “surprise” costume in your kiddo’s size, which is a pretty fun way to approach this most imaginative, creative holiday. Stock up on a couple mystery costumes for the spooky season and beyond. Your kiddo can mix and match to create a totally unique costume, dress up as two different things (one for school, one for trick or treating), or stash them in the dress-up bin for future playtimes.

How do you Halloween? We’d love to hear! Share your quick, low-cost costume ideas in the comments below!


We want to see the costumes you get in your Kids on 45th bundle! Snap a photo of your kiddos in their Kids on 45th costumes (or the homemade costumes you create with Kids on 45th clothing) and tag us on Instagram (@kidson45th) for a chance to win a box from Kids on 45th. T + C: Must be 18 years or older to enter. U.S. Only. Winner will be randomly selected on or after November 1, 2019, and contacted via Instagram direct message. Prize awarded as a $65 credit good at

August 27, 2019

Check Out Our Labor Day Dollar Rack: Prices Start at $1

Limited Time through Labor Day - Stock up on Gently-Used Kids’ Clothes! We think they’re “Flawsome”

Love a deal? You’re not the only one. At our store in Seattle, our Dollar Rack is the most beloved section. And we know why! These are items that show the slightest bit of wear and tear – maybe a tiny bit of fading on jeans, perhaps a little pilling at the bottom of a sweatshirt – making them are crazy good values. Our in-store customers love to buy from the rack frequently, because they know what gems we find. We know you’re also going to love it, and we are excited to bring the Dollar Rack to our online customers, finally, for a limited time through Labor Day weekend.

The idea for an “Online Dollar Rack” came to us when we were sorting clothes to find the best items to include in our Kids on 45th boxes. Our stylists follow strict guidelines for our Premium Used Kids Clothes that require them to reject clothes that are in perfect shape except for some tiny flaw like a bit of pilling on a sweatshirt or fading on a graphic tee. In our experience at the store, we know there are many parents out there who would love to purchase these “flawsome” clothes if the price was right. And that’s why we’re bringing the Dollar Rack online this Labor Day weekend.

Save Time and Even More Money

Prices on this weekend’s Online Dollar Rack are super low, even as compared to our regular cheap prices on kids clothes! Items on the Dollar Rack start at $1 for toddler clothes, $2 for big kids and tweens, and top out at $5. And remember: we do all the hunting for you, so you can bank both money and time saved when you shop Kids on 45th! You may also love that “saving the planet” feeling.

phone screen shot

Use Your Style Notes

Using the style notes you have in your kiddo’s profile, our stylists will hunt for the perfectly imperfect clothes that fit your kiddo just like they do for your Premium Used Clothes. When you get your box, you’ll see why parents at our Seattle store rave about the Dollar Rack. We think you’ll love these clothes as much as you love the price!

We want to hear what you think of us bringing our Dollar Rack to our online customers, so let us know in the comments below or on our social media like Instagram and Facebook. Should we have the Dollar Rack options all the time?

Don’t Miss this Sale

Shop our Labor Day Dollar Rack “flawsome” clothes with the awesome prices now. Hurry, this sale ends Monday, September 2nd.

What’s on the Kids on 45th Dollar Rack?

We know you’re curious about what types of flawsome clothes you’ll get when you shop the Dollar Rack. Take a look –– We checked out one Dollar Rack item with our friend, Isaac:

August 24, 2019

5 Laundry Tips that Make Your Clothes Cleaner Without Making More Work for You

We Got the Dirt on Laundry Know-How

When you’ve got kids, those piles of dirty clothes and linens just keep on comin’! Feel like you need to up your laundry game to stay on top of it all? Laundry is one of those things we feel like we could always do better, but we don’t want to spend any more time on – you’re with us, right?!

With the goal of cleaner clothes in mind, we turned to an expert. Mama of four and Kids on 45th superfriend Mindy McNally is a gardener, teacher, and blogger extraordinaire who was happy to share with us her top tips on tackling the laundry monster.

1. Use felt balls: Skip the dryer sheets (they’re full of chemicals) and throw a couple of these in your dryer to have clothes dried and fluffed in less time.
2. Add vinegar: Fill a downy ball halfway and throw it into your wash for cleaner clothes.
3. Don’t skimp on the scent: Mindy recommends Gain Fireworks for a pleasant laundry fragrance.
4. Make ironing easier: If you do a lot of ironing, you want it to be as quick and easy as possible. Spray clothes with wrinkle releaser spray right out of the dryer and hang them up immediately, then steam them at one time or as you need them.
5. Get the ultimate stain remover: Mindy swears by a stain-removing product called Bunch of Farmers for removing her kiddos’ toughest stains.

Thanks, Mindy! You’ve totally inspired us to up our laundry game.

Here’s our tip: Folding laundry isn’t many people’s favorite thing – but it can do double duty as an inventory-check of what your kiddo has grown out of. Grab a bag, and toss in anything that is due for a donation. Bonus: one less thing to fold! Once you know what they’ve grown out of, you can grab a new bundle of clothes for them in that next size up.

August 24, 2019

Brilliant Back to School Tips from Real Moms

We asked two mom bloggers to share their top back-to-school tips. From having the best homeschool year ever to saving money on back to school, these mamas have insight to spare

Money-Saving Back to School Supply Shopping Tip from Melanie @sweetfrugallife


Mom to three Melanie shares her amazing live-well-and-save-money tips at @sweetfrugallife and on her blog (check out her review of us!). Faced with back to school expenses (kiddos are expensive!), we asked her for tips on saving money in the new school year. She dropped this genius tip on us and we had to share:

Shop your house first!

“This can be a really expensive time of year when you’re trying to buy all those school supplies. I follow the rule to shop your house first. Before you ever even consider going to the store, see what you have laying around your house – it can be used! – for the back to school list. I try to keep all back to school supply options in a box -so when the school supplies list comes, we check it and also desks, drawers, and closets to find whatever you can to fit the back to school supply list before you ever go to the store.”

Such a brilliant idea, thanks, Melanie! Loving that she suggested going with used before new too ;)

Looking for another amazing way to save on back to school? Let us Build a Box for you – for all your kiddos’ back to school clothes – 20-90% everything your kids need now.

Homeschooling like a Boss - tip from Kayla @mommygazelle


Travel nurse and mom of two Kayla (on Instagram as @mommygazelle) is sending her daughter off to kindergarten this year – in her kitchen! Kayla and her kiddo are homeschooling, and although she’s feeling some pressure from that decision, she’s also feeling confident she’s got the chops to make this the best homeschool year ever. Back to school can be overwhelming for every parent, and homeschooling parents feel that crunch too, especially with all the preparation that homeschooling requires. To help families succeed in their homeschooling goals, Kayla shared three tips with us that she’s using in her house.

Three Tips for Homeschooling Success courtesy of @mommygazelle

1. Make it fun: Enjoy the process. Your kids will only be in each grade once, so remind yourself to enjoy the process. Be the one to set the tone and atmosphere to help your kids enjoy school and learning.

2. Build a community: Whether you create a homeschool co-op or find other homeschool families in your neighborhood, make an effort to get connected with kiddos and parents who are homeschooling in your area.

3. Snap a first-day photo: Don’t forget to take those doorstep photos. It’s your homeschool kiddo’s first day of school too!

August 21, 2019

Help us Give Back to the Teachers Who Give So Much to Our Kids

Every Box Sold Counts Toward our Goal of $10,000 to Help Classrooms in Need

We know it’s not enough to just shout out teachers and the incredible work they do. Inspired by the teachers who inspire our kiddos, we’re putting our money where our mouths are, and for every $50 spent at Kids on 45th, we’re donating $5 for classroom supplies to local schools. We’re donating up to $10,000 to help teachers build classroom libraries, buy art supplies, take their students on educational field trips, and improve their classroom environments.

We’re parents first and foremost at Kids on 45th – (shout out to Isaac, Isla and Charlie, three of our kindergarten-bound kiddos!) – so of course supporting teachers and schools is top of mind for us right now as we head back to school.

We Want Teachers to Start the School Year Off Strong

Here’s how it works, it’s super simple!

  • Order a box of super-affordable clothes from Kids on 45th
  • For every $50 spent at through September 2019, we’ll donate $5 to projects at until we reach our goal of $10,000.

Are you a Teacher? Raise More Money for Your Classroom

Teachers, we would love to support your campaigns directly. If you are a teacher, get the link to your current campaign (or make one!) and let us know below.

powered by Typeform

We will contact you with a unique referral link to direct donations to you from people in your community who want to participate.

We know this is a crazy time of year, so thanks for reading and helping us with this goal!

June 26, 2019

Three Packing Lists for Traveling With Toddlers and Young Kids

Any mom who’s done a trip anywhere with young kids knows the importance of careful packing. ‘Cause leave your kiddo’s favorite lovey behind and you could be looking at a week’s worth of stressful bedtime routines – not what you want when you’re on vacay! That’s why moms understand the need for a strong packing game, and why the usefulness of a packing list for traveling with a baby, toddler, or young kids should not be understated.

We put together three sample packing lists for kids, for trips that you might be planning. These lists aren’t meant to be exhaustive, just designed to get you started creating your own list of must-haves. You can print them out or copy them into your notes app of choice, add to them, and refer back to these toddler and kid packing lists anytime you have a bag to pack. Because saving moms time is a big part of what we’re about here at Kids on 45th!

🗹 Trip 1: Overnight to Grandma’s
Staying over at the grandparents can be a memory maker for kiddos. Being away from mom and dad for a night is a big deal! One way to make sure it goes smoothly is with careful packing that includes the essentials plus some comfort items.

▢ Two complete outfits (shirt, shorts/pants, underwear, socks)

▢ Diapers/training pants

▢ One sweatshirt or jacket

▢ One pair of pajamas

▢ Alternate pair of shoes

▢ Extra pair of socks and undies

▢ Slippers

▢ Toothbrush, toothpaste, child-safe shampoo and soap

▢ Medications

▢ Favorite stuffy/lovey/blanket for snuggling

▢ Kiddo’s pillow (that familiar smell could make bedtime in a new place easier)

▢ A nightlight

▢ Sound machine (if they use one at home)

▢ Recent photo of your family

▢ A few favorite games or small activities that kiddo could play with grandparents (hello, bonding!)

▢ Box of snacks

🗹 Trip 2: Family Road Trip with Multiple Stops
Hitting the road with your family is the classic American summer vacation! Doing it with kids is fun, with some planning and smart packing. Here are the absolute essentials you’re going to want to load into the car before you buckle those belts and hit the open road for a week.

▢ 5 t-shirts and 5 shorts

▢ 7 pairs of socks and undies

▢ 2 pairs of pajamas

▢ 2 swimsuits

▢ Sandals, flip flops, sneakers

▢ Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

▢ Medications

▢ Child-safe shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion

▢ Comb or brush, hair accessories

▢ Car-friendly entertainment, such as audiobooks, etch-a-sketch, puzzle books, tablets, travel games, sing-alongs

▢ First-aid kit

▢ Snacks and drinks

▢ Small backseat cooler, ice pack

▢ Child’s lovey, favorite toy, small pillow

🗹 Trip 3: Beach Day
Packing for a day trip to the beach with your kiddo? Lucky you! Let’s do this – stay safe out there!

▢ Portable beach tent or umbrella

▢ Beach chairs

▢ Sand mats to sit on

▢ Towels

▢ Sunscreen

▢ First-aid kit

Sunhat, Flip Flops, Sunglasses

▢ Beach toys, balls, frisbee

▢ Floatation devices

▢ Small portable cooler

▢ Snacks and drinks


▢ Swimsuit cover-ups

▢ Change of clothes

▢ Body wash, shampoo, after-sun lotion

▢ Flip flops

▢ Cash for the snack bar

We hope you have some fun reasons to pack on your summer calendar! Don’t forget, you can always take a vacation from shopping by building a Kids on 45th box, where there’s no need to waste time searching for deals or browsing through page after page in search of affordable clothes for your kiddos.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: ** you can get a FREE pair of sunglasses, flip flops (big kids), or sun hats (babies) with all orders of $35+ through Friday, June 28! Use code SUNNY at check out to get your free item. Limit one free item per kiddo, max of 3 per order.**

June 04, 2019

5 Best Stain Removers to Get Stains Out of Kids’ Clothing

Summers with kids are a blast, but wow are they messy! You know what we’re talking about: those three months of sticky hands, dirty feet, and sandy everything. Plus it’s like everything kids eat in the summer, from berries and popsicles to chocolate ice cream and ketchup, leaves a stain. No worries: We’ve compiled some awesome tips for all-natural stain removers to help you remove popsicle stains, banish grass stains, and conquer chocolate ice cream stains, plus more. With these stain removers, plus smartly buying the cheapest-priced kids’ clothing, you can let your kids clown around and get messy all summer long. Because kids should play as hard as they want during summer playtime, and you shouldn’t have to stress the mess.

Check out these all-natural stain solutions to tackle the messes that happen a lot in summer, including popsicle stains, grass stains, and chocolate ice cream stains. Can’t get the stain out? Buy your kiddo some super-affordable “new” clothes now.

Five All-Natural Stain Removers Perfect for Summer Stains

Popsicle Stains: Our kids eat popsicles – outside, please! – all summer long. Those things are mess-ee! But somehow kids only look cuter when they have an orange tongue. To remove popsicle stains on clothes, follow these steps. Source: Huffington Post

    1) Rinse out as much of the stain as you can in cold water.
    2) Using a toothbrush or sponge, gently rub the stain with lemon juice, or a water-hydrogen peroxide solution (use one per to three parts).
    3) Let the pre-treatment solution sit on the stain for a half hour, then wash as usual.

Grass Stains: Grass stains can be tricky to remove, but hey, isn’t it great that your kiddos are playing outside! Try this treatment for grass stains on your kid’s pants and shirts. Source: First for Women

    1) Soak the item for 15 minutes in a cold-water solution of two parts water to one part white vinegar.
    2) Using a clean white rag, gently dab the stain.
    3) Wash using an enzyme-based laundry detergent (like those used to remove pet odors), repeat if necessary until the stain is diminished.

Chocolate Ice Cream: Cone, cup, on a stick: whatever the delivery system, ice cream in a kid’s hand is messy! If your kiddo’s sweet treat has left its mark on his or her clothes, here’s how to remove the stain. Source:

    1) As soon as possible, run cold water through the back of the stain. If you have access to hand soap, massage a little into the stain and rinse again with cold water. Avoid allowing the stain to dry.
    2) As soon as you can, wash the item in the cool cycle of your washing machine.
    3) If the stain has had time to set, try soaking it for 15-30 minutes in concentrated laundry detergent before laundering it.

French Fry Grease Marks: Does your kid have a french fry habit? Use dish soap to remove any grease stains – its concentrated formula is designed to remove grease from pots and pans, and it does the trick on clothes too. Source: The Kitchn

    1) Rub a small amount of dish soap on the grease stain as soon as possible.
    2) Allow it to sit for a few minutes before washing as normal.

Marker Stains: If your kiddo has a fondness for coloring (on his clothes) with magic markers, you need to know this trick! Source: How Stuff Works

    1) First, rinse the stain in cold water to remove as much of the marker’s color as you can.
    2) Then place the area with the stain on top of a paper towel, and gently dab it with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. The marker should begin transferring to the paper towel (replace if necessary).
    3) After you have removed as much marker as you can, throw the item in the washer as normal. Rubbing alcohol can also work wonders on berry or fruit juice stains.

When in doubt, Oxiclean it out

To remove common kid stains like berries and fruit juice, do what our CEO and kids’ clothes queen Elise does: soak them in OxiClean. Be sure to first fully dissolve the OxiClean in water (check the directions for the correct ratio for your needs), and submerge your stained clothing to soak for one to six hours. Wash as normal.

Not every stain is going to come out, and that’s why we’re here for you, mama! It’s much easier to stomach a stain when you know you paid 70-90% less than retail, right? Now go enjoy your summer!

May 07, 2019

Zip Pouches Can Help You Have Your Bag Organized in 5 Minutes

Sort your stuff into zip pouches and you can kiss the days of digging for your keys, baby wipes, and hair elastics goodbye

You know how there are those habits and systems you put in place as a mom that make your life run soooo much more smoothly? Using zip pouches for purse organization is one of those mom wins for us. Takes a few minutes upfront, but saves you oh-so-much time in the long run. Sorting the messy contents of our tote into cute zipper pouches has been seriously life-changing. If you’re struggling with “messy bag, it’s a drag” – we really recommend getting yourself some fun zip pouches and trying out zip pouches for purse organization!

Getting your bag organized with zip pouches is pretty easy. You’ll want to buy or order some zip pouches you love (you can find really cute ones on Etsy, and Target often has fun designs). The number you need depends partly on how big your bag is and partly on how many zip pouches you want to keep track of – for us three or four zip pouches is ideal. This week only, get an exclusive, handmade zip pouch with your Kids on 45th order in celebration of Mother’s Day.* Use code MOMLOVE at checkout and we’ll send you this fun mom gift! Plus, see some of the fun stuff we’d pack in it on our Instagram.

Once you have zip pouches you love, it’s time to get serious about sorting through what you’ve got in your purse. Dump out bag and see what’s in there! Some people find this is a good time to clear out all that unnecessary stuff you’ve been toting around, and pare down to the “necessities.” These of course vary for every mama, but for us this means everything from sunscreen, snacks, and toys to a spare pair of socks, phone charger, and three kinds of mascara! Hey, whatever gets ya through the day, right?!

Sort, Store, and Stick with It purse pouches handmade by Indian Moon

Once you’ve cleared out the contents of your bag and ditched anything that doesn’t need to be in there, you’re ready to get zip-pouch organized. We think it’s easiest to sort stuff into categories and then designate a zip pouch for each category. For example, one mom in our office has three zip pouches, and she breaks down their contents like this:

  • the “First Aid” pouch, where she stashes bandages, tissues, sunscreen, etc.
  • the “Lip Kit” pouch, packed with lipstick, gloss, and other cosmetics
  • the “Kid Stuff” pouch, home to a few crayons, tiny notepad, stickers, and some small trinkets her daughter frequently requests while out and about

The trick is to remember what pouch contains what stuff! Some moms like to use clear or see-through zip pouches so there’s no confusion, and that system can work seriously great. If you decide not to go the clear zip pouch route, it’s just a matter of training yourself about which zip pouch holds which stuff. It might take a bit of getting used to, but for us, it was worth it (compared with the alternative of having a perpetually disorganized bag that we spent a whole lot of time hunting through!). Like any new habit, you have to stick with it, but if you have cute zip pouches and your items are nicely sorted, that’s hopefully not too tough to achieve!

So, what do you think: zip pouches for the organizational win, yay or nay? Let us know if you use zip pouches to organize your bag, and what you’re packing in them. We love to hear it and we know other mamas do too.

purse pouches handmade by Indian Moon

Our fun Mom Love zip pouches are handmade by Washington State-based mom of three Kristin Morris, who makes and sells her awesome designs on her Etsy store Indian Moon Handmade. You can also see her latest creations on her Instagram @indianmoonhandmade

March 20, 2019

Kids' Clothing Fit Chart: Which Children's Clothing Brands Run Big, Which Run Small, and How to Find Your Kid's Best Fit

Almost every kids brand in existence has been shipped out in one of our nearly-new kids clothing boxes. So, we can tell you firsthand that a girls’ 3T shirt from Carter’s can be a totally different fit from a 3T girls’ shirt from Old Navy. A boys’ six-month onesie from Gerber has a good chance of being way smaller than a six-month onesie from OshKosh B’Gosh. When it comes to children’s clothing, fit can vary wildly across sizes and brands. We sort through thousands of kids clothing items each month and see all variety of brands, so when it comes to how different kids clothes fit, we like to think we’re experts and authorities!

Finding Clothes that Fit Your Kid

Just like when shopping for your own clothes, you have to keep your kiddo’s shape in mind. Some brands are known to be cut more tall and slim while others have the short and stockier market cornered. And to make matters more complicated, as a lot of us moms know, kids often alternate, growing tall, then wide…. then tall, then wide again. For example, Carter’s is one brand that is consistently designed for long, narrow babies, while Gymboree (which just went out of business in 2019) always had some room for the roly poly phases.

shopping for kids clothing

Here are four tips we swear by when it comes to finding the best-fitting kids’ clothes for your littles:

1. Check the size chart: Children’s clothes in the U.S. are conveniently sized by age, and it’s tempting to want to buy that way. But it’s always good to consult a brand’s size chart before buying anything new. Compare your kiddo’s measurements against the brand’s height/weight guidelines for the best fit.

2. Think of baby sizes as “up to”: When you’re looking at clothing that sizes by month, it’s best to see it as topping out at that month. For example, a “3 months” onesie will fit up to a three-month-old baby, and a “9 months” tee may fit your six or seven-month-old.

3. Know the difference between 24 months and 2T: This is a case of a baby versus a toddler. Is your babe more chunky baby (complete with a diaper), or active toddler who might already be in undies? The 24-month-old clothes are designed for rounder baby shapes, while 2T will be more slim and streamlined.

4. Some styles are more forgiving: Dresses are easier to fit since they tend to be less form-fitting. Jeans and pants can be more challenging. Elastic waists and adjustable-waist pants are definitely a mom’s best friend, especially if you have a tall and skinny kid! Pay attention to the style when you’re shopping; some brands offer slim and husky styles in their bigger kid sizes.

Baby Clothes: Fit by Brand

BabyGap logo BabyGap runs a little big, shrinks a bit
Carter's logo Carter's baby clothing, which includes labels like Child of Mine, Simple Joys by Carter's, Precious Firsts, and Carter's Just One You, runs true to size or on the smaller side. Carter's clothing often seems to be best suited for long and skinny babies. Some items (onesies) tend to shrink a little.
The Children's Place logo The Children's Place baby clothing runs small, particularly their pants.
Garanimals logo Garanimals baby clothing runs small and tends to be shaped short and wide.
Gerber logo Gerber baby clothes run very small – as much as a whole size – and are also known to shrink significantly.
Gymboree logo Gymboree baby clothing runs big and tends to be shaped wide.
Kate Quinn Organics logo Kate Quinn Organics baby clothing runs long and slim, and is best for slender babies.
KicKee Pants logo KicKee Pants run long and slim.
OshKosh B'Gosh logo OshKosh B'Gosh baby clothing runs true to size generally. OshKosh B'Gosh tops can be on the wider side.

Toddler Clothes: Fit by Brand

BabyGap logo BabyGap toddler clothing runs true to size, but is known to shrink (particularly their denim).
Cat & Jack logo Cat & Jack toddler clothing runs true to size, with a slimmer fit.
Carter's logo Carter's toddler clothing fits true to size.
The Children's Place logo The Children's Place toddler clothing runs small.
Garanimals logo Garanimals clothing for toddlers often runs large and wide, but it can be inconsistent.
Gerber logo Gerber Childrenswear toddler clothing runs small and often shrinks.
Gymboree logo Gymboree toddler clothing runs big.
H&M Kids logo H&M Kids' toddler clothing runs true to size or a little big.
Jumping Beans logo Jumping Beans toddler clothing runs a little small
Old Navy logo Old Navy toddler clothes run small and often shrink.
OshKosh, Genuine Kids from OshKosh logo OshKosh B'Gosh and Genuine Kids from OshKosh toddler clothes fit true to size, generally. The website notes that "dual sizes (like 4-5) are sized generously for a comfortable fit, with room to grow."
Tea Collection logo Tea Collection toddler clothing runs true to size in the shirts and dresses categories, but Tea Collection pants and leggings run a little small. It also tends to shrink.
Wonder Nation logo Wonder Nation toddler clothing runs true to size.

Kids Clothing: Fit by Brand

Abercrombie Kids logo Abercrombie Kids runs on the smaller side and is often best suited for slim kids.
Calvin Klein Kids logo Calvin Klein Kids clothing fits true to size.
Cat & Jack logo Cat & Jack kids' clothing runs true to size, if a little slim.
Faded Glory logo Faded Glory kids' clothing runs big.
GapKids logo GapKids clothing runs true to size.
Hanna Andersson logo Hanna Andersson kids' clothing runs on the large side of true to size. Hanna uses centimeter sizing based on height, so you'll see sizes like 80/85 and 140. They say: "No need to size up, designed with room to grow. " We say: they run big, be sure to follow their height and weight charts on their site, and expect their clothes to be roomy in the waist.
H&M Kids logo H&M Kids clothing runs big and seems best designed for tall, slim kids.
Jumping Beans logo Jumping Beans kids' clothing runs a little big and wide, especially their pants.
Justice logo Justice kids' clothing runs small.
Lands' End Kids logo Lands' End Kids clothes fit like this: their pants run big, but their shirts fit true to size.
Old Navy logo Old Navy kids' clothing runs big and wide in the regular fit; try the slim fit if your child is slight. They also offer husky sizes.
OshKosh, Genuine Kids from OshKosh logo OshKosh B'Gosh kids' clothing runs true to size, generally.
Tea Collection logo Tea Collection kids' clothing dresses run big, but their leggings run short and narrow. Tea Collection clothing often shrinks in the dryer.
Wonder Nation logo Wonder Nation kids' clothes run true to size.

P.S. If you don’t even know where to start, you should definitely consider buying pre-loved children’s clothes and saving yourself a TON of money on kids’ clothes -– like 70-90% off retail. Plus, with Kids on 45th clothing bundles you’re sure to discover some brands you didn’t know about before that just might offer the perfect fit for your kid!

March 07, 2019

How to Make a Clothing Cake

Create a Unique and Memorable Baby Shower Gift for Your Loved One

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary – one year of sending seasonal boxes of pre-loved kids clothes to moms around the country. We talked about marking the occasion with the classic first birthday treat, a smash cake, but since we’re in the business of kids clothes, we decided it made way more sense to create a clothing cake! It’s a knock-off of the diaper cakes popular at baby showers, and honestly, we think it might be an even better idea than a diaper cake for a baby shower centerpiece!

Here’s how you can make a Clothing Cake. It’s easy to put together pretty quickly after you’ve made a quick trip to the craft store for some supplies. We whipped up our cake in less than an hour. It’s definitely helpful to have a few sets of hands to help assemble the cake, so enlist a mom friend or two and make a party of it! Your kiddo could be a good helper too.

Make a Clothing Cake: Step-by-Step Instructions

1) First, collect what you need for your clothing cake. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Clothes! Hand-me-down clothes work great here. Really, any cheap kids clothes that you can find, since the cake will add to the cuteness of the overall gift. You might also consider making each layer a different size, and play around with the colors. If you need some different options or sizes, you could put in an order at, and we’ll send you a box of clothes (no subscription necessary).
  • Rubber bands: You’ll need a few giant ones to wrap around the bottom layers, and smaller ones to secure each rolled-up clothing item. The plain-color beige bands are best.
  • Ribbons: Here’s where you can make it your own and coordinate with the baby shower theme.
  • A cylinder to be your base: A roll of paper towels would work, or look around your craft store for something taller if you prefer.

craft supplies

2) Next, Roll your clothing items like burritos and secure them with rubber bands.

3) Set up your cylinder base and begin placing rolls of clothing around it. Be sure to use similar-height & width rolls together (so maybe all pants on one layer, then all shirts on the next). Here it’s fun to play with colors and patterns. Once you have a layer of clothes in place, secure this “cake tier” with a large rubber band. You could also use string or ribbon. We liked how the large rubber band held the clothes so tightly together.

4) Create your next layer of clothing cake on top of the base by stacking rolled clothing bundles and securing them with a rubber band.

5) Stick the lint roller in the top to extend your cylinder up and build your top layer of clothing. If you don’t have a spare lint roller handy ;), you could use a piece of clothing. You just need something that will stick in the middle of your base layer, and have a smaller circumference than the other cylinder, so that your Clothing Cake can have the appearance of having a smaller “cake layer” on top.

6) Wrap some ribbons around the cake and make it your own! We also created a little cake topper – just made a t-shirt design, printed on thick-stock paper, cut it out, then secured it with a pencil! Feel free to use our T-shirt image template below – Click here to download a PDF of the Clothing Cake Topper.

Let us know how your Clothing Cake turns out! Tag us on Instagram @kidson45th