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January 16, 2020

Seven Ways to Follow Minimalism

Are you into the minimalism trend? Less stuff and living more simply can mean lower stress, fewer bills, and easier, more enjoyable living.

Minimalism is a trend that we see a lot of Kids on 45th customers referencing. But what does minimalism refer to exactly? Is it all about living with less, or is there more to it than that? We did a little research and it turns out there are many ways to interpret and apply the minimalist philosophy in your life.

At its core, minimalism is about simplifying. Here are seven basic ways that K45 customers and many others are applying minimalist principles to their daily lives.

  1. Owning Less Stuff: Decluttering and reducing the amount of material items we own is probably the most well known of the minimalist philosophies. Our possessions can control us in a way – we have to shop for them, buy them, maintain them, manage them, keep them organized. It’s a lot! By reducing the amount owned, minimalists lighten this load and simplify their lives. In doing so, they diminish a huge weight that many of us don’t even realize we’re carrying around. As Kids on 45th fan Mila @discreetminimalism puts it, “Not that you shouldn’t own anything, but that nothing should own you.”
  2. Simplifying Finances: Minimalism applies to personal finances through the call to simplify. Opting for one credit card, one bank account, and so on diminishes time spent monitoring and managing our accounts. It makes paying bills easy-peasy and helps get a handle on fees and interest charges. It even lightens the load of pesky things like how many user names and passwords we have to organize.
  3. Going Smaller: Choosing a smaller home goes hand in hand with the minimalist mantra of having few possessions. Having less stuff means you can opt for a smaller space, saving you money on everything from rent to utility bills to the cost of furnishings and maintenance. It frees you from needing to spend all your free time on house projects and upkeep. And it prevents you from falling into the trap of buying things just to fill the empty spaces. You’ll be motivated to keep and display only the things you really love. Clutter and the overwhelm that comes with clutter diminish.
  4. Reusing and Reducing: Whether intentional not, the green factor is strongly aligned with minimalism. The act of reducing the amount we consume is itself a sustainable act – the less we buy and use the easier we are on our planet. Many minimalists like Kids on 45th fan Erica Flock sell possessions they no longer want and become part of the secondhand economy. As an eco-minded minimalist, you might try to buy all items used instead of choosing new.
  5. Being Thoughtful about Purchases: Most people who adopt a philosophy of minimalism still make purchases – after all, they have to live! – but there’s a new thoughtfulness that comes with consuming. You start to really consider whether you truly need or even want the things you’re buying. Rather than purchase something cheap that you’ll have to replace in a short time, you might opt to save up for a higher end brand that will last longer. Or you might choose to seek out items secondhand before purchasing new.
  6. Expressing Gratitude. Simplifying life seems to have the effect of jumpstarting feelings of gratitude and happiness in minimalists. As people learn to live with less, they tend to more fully appreciate what they have, and what they are electing to keep in their lives. Kids on 45th customer and minimalist enthusiast Chelsea Brown posts regularly about the gratitude and contentment that comes with living with less.
  7. Choosing Experiences: With the newfound freedom that comes from simplifying, minimalists tend to discover they have more time and resources available for experiences and living. From trips and activities to just being more present in their daily lives, minimalism-minded types report being able to better engage with the people, hobbies, and events of their lives because they’ve simplified the day-to-day aspects of their existence. Check out our friend Courtney’s @outofofficefamilyInstagram for one look at the adventures that can happen with a simpler lifestyle.

What’s your approach to minimalism? Are you a fan, and if so, what are some of the ways you’re embracing the tenets of minimalism in your family’s life?

January 06, 2020

Which Dave Ramsey Type of Shopper Are You?

We All Fit Into One of these Common Shopping Styles, Says the Budgeting Expert

Hello, January! The holidays are over – hope they were great! – and now it’s time for all of us parents to recover from the craziness that comes with playing Santa. Our bank accounts are usually the first thing we need to mend after the season of giving, and many of you turn to financial guru Dave Ramsey’s budgeting tips for guidance. We love his practical, accessible advice for taking control of our personal finances. Knowing yourself and the ways you spend is key to starting to save and budget. Dave identified six types of common shoppers, and we found some of our Kids on 45th customers in each profile. Take a look and see if you see yourself in any of these!

The Bargain Shopper

This is the parent who could have starred in TLC’s “Extreme Couponing.” S/he has a discount code for every purchase, whether in-store or online. It is not uncommon for this shopper to hit multiple stores in one day hunting for the best deal.

Is this you? We love a discount! Grab a Kids on 45th coupon code by signing up for our email list.

The Researcher

We like to think of this parent as the Proud Planner. This is the parent who actually buys their holiday decorations and clothing items during the week after each holiday. They know the exact ratio of soccer shorts to shirts that will last their kiddo through the spring season, and they buy all they need in one swoop and don’t shop again until the next season.

Is this you? Sign up for our Seasonal Saver program to save 30% on your first seasonal delivery.

The Impulse Buyer

Impulse buyers are just as they sound: They make purchases at random when they see something they like/want/need, without much research or deliberation.

Is this you? Check out the Add-on Items in your kiddo’s Build a Box for fun, brand new items your child will love.

The Negotiator

These types of buyers don’t like to pay retail prices. When it comes to making a purchase, negotiators will see how they can get the item for less, and won’t stop until they do.

Is this you? Kids on 45th is the fastest way to get kids’ clothes for cheap, and our Happiness Policy guarantees that you can feel confident in your order containing the best quality items for the lowest possible prices. Drop by Kids on 45th, we’re made for you!

The Loyalist

Loyalists are extremely brand loyal and fond of buying everything in one place. They find a brand or product that works for them and they don’t stray from it.

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The Mama on a Mission

With a baby strapped to her back and credit card tucked in her front pocket, this mama makes a beeline for the clearance rack. She needs to stock up on daycare clothing items for her kids, and she’s shopping on a tight budget and even tighter timeline. She’s never tempted by impulse buys, and self checkout is her very best friend.

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Photo: Kids on 45th fan @thesweetestlittlelife shows us how she shops with kids.

January 02, 2020

Introducing StyleSaver: Women’s Clothing Subscription Boxes You Can Actually Afford

Like-New Clothes All Just $9.99 an Item, Regardless of Brand
Designed to Boost Your Style and Confidence

Since we launched Kids on 45th, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from women wishing this product existed for them. Boxes of nearly-new clothes selected and shipped to them, for a price that’s actually affordable? That’s a busy mama’s – and busy woman’s – dream.

Because we all want to look good, but honestly – who has the time or money to shop? Even if we did, many of us dislike shopping for clothes and cringe at the price of retail. Plus there’s the environmental effect of buying new clothes. If you’re not ok with the waste that fast fashion produces, you’re not the only one.

And those are just a few reasons why we are so excited to introduce StyleSaver!

Affordable Women’s Clothing, Styled for You

StyleSaver is your styling best friend: a clothing subscription created to inspire your inner confidence at prices you can truly afford. Each box is an assortment of six high-quality, seasonal clothing items handpicked by a stylist just for you. All items, regardless of brand, are $9.99 and anywhere from 20-90% off retail.

Like you, we find retail prices of clothing WAY higher than we’d like to spend. That’s why our clothes are like-new secondhand: you get great quality, brand name clothes for a fraction of the retail price – and no one will ever guess they are used!

The Easiest, Most Affordable Clothing Subscription

StyleSaver is designed to be all about easy convenience. Because we know you might get some items that don’t work, we have a generous credit policy and a self-service kiosk for requesting credit (you just need to do it within three days of receiving your box). We find returns to be a total drag, so we don’t require that you return those items that didn’t work. Instead we ask you to donate them to a charity or friend. Our set-it-and-forget-it subscription delivers a wardrobe refresh every month, but it’s also easy to skip a month or cancel at any time.

StyleSaver’s Mission: Making Getting Dressed Fast, Easy, Affordable + Eco-Friendly

At StyleSaver, we’re all about:

  • Living frugally, so we can save money and live better
  • Saving time, so we can take more well-deserved breaks
  • Shopping sustainably, so we can do right by our children and our planet
  • Sharing the love, by gifting to our friends and our communities

Life is busy and time and money are tight! StyleSaver’s stylists aim to provide everyday fashion inspiration conveniently and for a price that’s comfortable. Whether you’re in a style rut, a cash crunch, or just looking for a super easy way to refresh your wardrobe regularly, you’re going to want to check out StyleSaver. You’re going to look and feel so good!

Give StyleSaver a try now and save! Use code 50OFF4U to save 50% off your first box at StyleSaver This offer is valid through January 31, 2020.

If you try StyleSaver, let us know! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at and #stylesaver on social. Or send us an email at [email protected]

December 04, 2019

Kids on 45th Holiday Gift Inspiration Guide

We’ve Got What Your Kids Both Want and Need, For Less
Because Great Stuff + Awesome Deals = Happy Kids, Happy Moms

Love the holidays and gifting but getting sticker shock when you hit the stores? Us too. Which is why we’re here with a gift inspiration guide. We’ve got tons of brand new items – including brand name toys, clothes, and accessories – available on now. Here are just a few of the things we think your kiddos would love to find under the tree, or wherever you stash your holiday gifts.

Pro tip: To find these items,

  • Look for the ✨ on items in your kiddo’s Build a Box to select brand new clothing items! (Colors and styles may vary).
  • Click on the Close Out tab on the Build a Box page to shop our brand new clothes and toys from major retailers!

For your Frozen fan:
Fleece Elsa hoodie, $8.99 Now $5.99
Find it in girl sizes 2T - 6x (add a girl this size to your account to order)

Frozen hoodie

Frozen hoodie

Your kiddo might also love:

  • Disney Princess Tangled Rapunzel’s Discovery Bag, $9.99
  • Disney Maui “Tsum Tsum” mini
  • Moana Collection, $2.49
  • Pochew sparkle and lace tutu, $5.49 Now $3.99 girl sizes 2-8

For the kiddo who loves to create:
Bunchems Bunch’n Build Activity Kit, $12.49
Find it under the Close Out tab on the Build a Box page


Your kiddo might also love:

  • Brand New Athletic Pants, Boy/Girl Sizes, $9.99
  • Slimes and Putties Mad Mattr $7.49

For your tiny dancer:
First Impressions Baby Girls Printed Velvet-Trim Tutu Skirt, $3.49 Size 24m
Find it under the Close Out tab on the Build a Box page

First Impressions Skirt

Your little might also love:

  • Brand name two-piece knit set, $11.99
  • Brand new super cute rain jacket, $14.99

For sweet feet:
Cozy, nonskid Girls’ Slipper Socks, $7.99 Now $4.99
Find it in girl sizes 4 - 12 (add a girl this size to your account to order)

Sherpa socks

Your kiddo might also like:

  • Brand new joggers, $8.99 Now $4.99 (girl sizes 2T - 10/12)
  • New black packable puffer jacket, $16.99 (girl sizes 2T - 14)

For your teen:
Celebrity Pink Juniors’ High-Rise Button Ankle Skinny Jeans, $14.99 Size 15
Find them under the Close Out tab on the Build a Box page

Celebrity Pink jeans

Your kiddo might also like:

  • Fishbowl Juniors’ Lace Illusion a-Line Dress, $17.49,
  • Hippie Rose Juniors’ Plush Hooded Cardigan, $13.99, size small

For sweet little legs:
Jefferies Tights, $4.99 Now $2.99
Find them in girl sizes 2 - 10 (add a girl this size to your account to order)

Jefferies tights

Your kiddo might also love:
Pikmi Pops Surprise! Mega Pack - Marshmallow Set, $11.49

For tween sleepy heads:
Two pack of Brand New Pajamas, $12.99 Now $7.99
Find them in boy/girl sizes 6/7, 7 / 8, 10/12 (add a boy or girl this size to your account to order)

2 pack pajamas

Your kiddo might also love:
Spin Master Pimple Pete Board Game, $9.99

For your cuddly kid:
Plush fleece jackets, $13.99
Find them in boy sizes 2T - 14/16 (add a boy this size to your account to order)

Jachs Plush Fleece Jacket

Your kiddo might also like:

  • Pace Maker Extreme Game, Electronic Games, $12.49
  • NERF Super Soaker Twin Tide, $6.49

For your littlest one:
First Impressions Baby Girls Bright Future Graphic Cotton T-Shirt, $3.49 Size 6-9 months
Find it under the Close Out tab on the Build a Box page

First Impressions Bright shirt

Your little might also like:

  • Brand new infant 3-piece set, $7.99 Now $6.99
  • New cozy fleece hoodie + pants set, $8.99

For your bare-headed babies + toddlers:
Brand new winter hat, $2.99 Now $1.99 - $2.99 (retail $8)
Find them in boy/girl sizes newborn to 4T (add a boy or girl this size to your account to order)

Flap Happy Hat

Your kiddo might also like:

  • New jeans, $12.99 Now $6.99 (boy/girl sizes 2T - 4T)
  • Superfly superhero cape, $12.99 (various colors, one size)

For your kiddo in need of basics:
Brand new 3-pack of Disney character undies, $5.99 Now $2.99-$3.99 + 3-pack of TeeHee Kids socks, $4.99 Now $2.99
Find them in most boy/girl toddler + big kid sizes

We hope you find some holiday gifting inspiration here, parents! Wishing you a very happy holiday season!

October 11, 2019

We compared kids’ clothes prices and confirmed: Kids on 45th Is the Cheapest!**

Kids’ clothes don’t have to cost a lot of money! Celebrate the savings with an extra $5 off today!

It’s National Savings Day, and while it’s great to take a day and focus on banking some bucks, here at Kids on 45th we are always in a save-money mindset. We’re committed to giving your the best prices on your kiddo’s everyday clothes and we keep an eye on other retailers’ pricing to make sure we’re delivering on our promise. We know we’re the most affordable place to get kids’ clothing, but sometimes even we’re surprised by how much cheaper we are than other retailers!

We headed to a popular discount retailer for a price check on boys’ fall clothing for our CEO and chief mama Elise’s two boys. Compared to Kids on 45th’s super-low prices, we spent twice as much (plus it took over an hour to find everything)! Here’s a round-up of how prices compared.

Isaac, size 5T

Discount Retailer Kids on 45th
1 Fall Jacket $38.99 $11.99
2 Long Sleeve Tees $8.99 each $3.99 each
1 Sweatshirt $19.99 $6.99
1 Athletic Pants $10 $4.99
2 Jeans $12.99 each $5.99 each
7 ITEMS $112.94 $43.93

Cooper, size 2T

Discount Retailer Kids on 45th
1 Fall Jacket $34.99 $11.99
2 Long Sleeve Tees $8.99 each $3.99 each
1 Sweatshirt $19.99 $6.99
2 Athletic Pants $10 each $4.99 each
1 Jeans $10.99 $5.99
7 ITEMS $103.95 $42.93

The receipts speak for themselves: when it comes to your kiddos’ everyday clothes, Kids on 45th provides incredible value and also mega time savings every single day. It just goes to show: Kids’ clothes don’t have to cost a lot of money!

And in honor of today’s National Savings Day holiday, we’re giving you even lower prices! Use code SAVINGSDAY5 to get an extra $5 off your order today, October 12, at

April 16, 2019

How You Buy & Clear Out Kids Clothing Has a Big Impact on the Environment

Hand-me-downs, consigned clothing and thrift shopping are great for both your wallet and the world

Sustainable is a word you see a lot when it comes to kids clothing these days. And why not: parents are the original clothing reusers and recyclers – hello, hand-me-downs! hello wearing the same yoga pants on repeat! – plus we’re very aware of the impact we’re making on the planet our kids will inherit. You know instinctively that buying pre-loved, secondhand kids clothes is a good thing – of course you’re right!

Turns out buying used and secondhand when it comes to children’s clothing is super smart, totally trendy, and seriously great for both your wallet and the world. Check out these five things to know now about clothing and the environment, courtesy of the EPA and this report from ThredUp.

1. More than 20 Billion Pounds of Clothing is Thrown Away Every Year (according to the EPA): That would fill more than 3,600 Olympic-sized swimming pools! In fact, discarded clothing makes up the majority of the textiles Americans send to the landfills – our garbage dumps receive or incinerate a garbage truck’s worth of used textiles every second, yikes! Also, here’s a shocker: there have been wild reports that brands from luxury (Burberry, Louis Vuitton) to affordable (H&M, Urban Outfitters) actually set fire to tons of their surplus clothes and merchandise to prevent them from being sold secondhand, dropping a double whammy of pollution (waste + smoke) on the planet.

2. We’re Getting Good at Recycling and Reusing, but Reducing, Not so Much: The amount of clothing that all of us recycle and reuse is increasing. But so is the amount of clothing produced as we all buy more and wear each item less. No denying it: we love getting new things to wear, but that results in us still sending a ton of usable clothing to our landfills. One solution? Buy pre-loved, secondhand clothing rather than new when you’re itching for new fashions for you and your kiddos.

3. Pre-loved Clothing Is Totally Trendy: You know a good thing when you see it, and that means choosing secondhand items more and more frequently. Pre-loved clothing is one of the fastest growing areas of retail, courtesy of all of us smartypants shoppers out there.

4. Buying Secondhand Clothing Has Never Been Easier: With the rise of online consignment stores, apps, and websites, you can buy quality secondhand clothing without leaving your house or searching through thrift stores. Kids on 45th is one example of this new kind of retailer, providing parents like you a way to save time, money, and the planet with excellent-quality, pre-loved children’s clothing delivered to your door.

5. Each Used Item You Buy Reduces its Carbon Footprint by 82%: That’s like taking a giant elephant-sized footprint and reducing it to a dog pawprint in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide (aka greenhouse gases, aka pollution) it creates. Hello, green! Hello, making a difference!

child at waste facility

Even parents who aren’t able to put a lot of time into researching environmental options 🙋 are buying secondhand kids clothing for the huge money savings that come with pre-loved clothes.

Saving the planet, saving money, saving time: there are so many great reasons to buy secondhand clothing for your kids. You can order a season’s worth of clothes for your kiddo in less than five minutes at and feel good about your purchase and its impact on the planet and your wallet!