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September 01, 2019

Kids on 45th in the News Near You

The word is out that there are no better deals than Kids on 45th clothing. News stations in Sacramento, Washington DC and New Jersey opened up their own Kids on 45th boxes to see what everyone’s raving about.

Check out these clips, and build your own box to join thousands of other parents who let Kids on 45th do their shopping for them.

ABC Washington DC - Let’s Talk Live

CBS Sacramento - Good Day

June 14, 2019

Curious About our Clothes? Watch a Kids on 45th Unboxing

Nearly every week we unbox a sample Kids on 45th bundle on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so we can show you some examples of our finds. Below is a compilation of a few of these videos. All these boxes sell within 10 minutes, so don’t snooze on these sales!

June 11, 2019

We love when you love your Kids on 45th Haul

Check out this Kids on 45th customer who came to us for a BIG box of clothes for her 3 kids. She loved what was inside.

March 07, 2019

How to Make a Clothing Cake

Create a Unique and Memorable Baby Shower Gift for Your Loved One

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary – one year of sending seasonal boxes of pre-loved kids clothes to moms around the country. We talked about marking the occasion with the classic first birthday treat, a smash cake, but since we’re in the business of kids clothes, we decided it made way more sense to create a clothing cake! It’s a knock-off of the diaper cakes popular at baby showers, and honestly, we think it might be an even better idea than a diaper cake for a baby shower centerpiece!

Here’s how you can make a Clothing Cake. It’s easy to put together pretty quickly after you’ve made a quick trip to the craft store for some supplies. We whipped up our cake in less than an hour. It’s definitely helpful to have a few sets of hands to help assemble the cake, so enlist a mom friend or two and make a party of it! Your kiddo could be a good helper too.

Make a Clothing Cake: Step-by-Step Instructions

1) First, collect what you need for your clothing cake. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Clothes! Hand-me-down clothes work great here. Really, any cheap kids clothes that you can find, since the cake will add to the cuteness of the overall gift. You might also consider making each layer a different size, and play around with the colors. If you need some different options or sizes, you could put in an order at, and we’ll send you a box of clothes (no subscription necessary).
  • Rubber bands: You’ll need a few giant ones to wrap around the bottom layers, and smaller ones to secure each rolled-up clothing item. The plain-color beige bands are best.
  • Ribbons: Here’s where you can make it your own and coordinate with the baby shower theme.
  • A cylinder to be your base: A roll of paper towels would work, or look around your craft store for something taller if you prefer.

craft supplies

2) Next, Roll your clothing items like burritos and secure them with rubber bands.

3) Set up your cylinder base and begin placing rolls of clothing around it. Be sure to use similar-height & width rolls together (so maybe all pants on one layer, then all shirts on the next). Here it’s fun to play with colors and patterns. Once you have a layer of clothes in place, secure this “cake tier” with a large rubber band. You could also use string or ribbon. We liked how the large rubber band held the clothes so tightly together.

4) Create your next layer of clothing cake on top of the base by stacking rolled clothing bundles and securing them with a rubber band.

5) Stick the lint roller in the top to extend your cylinder up and build your top layer of clothing. If you don’t have a spare lint roller handy ;), you could use a piece of clothing. You just need something that will stick in the middle of your base layer, and have a smaller circumference than the other cylinder, so that your Clothing Cake can have the appearance of having a smaller “cake layer” on top.

6) Wrap some ribbons around the cake and make it your own! We also created a little cake topper – just made a t-shirt design, printed on thick-stock paper, cut it out, then secured it with a pencil! Feel free to use our T-shirt image template below – Click here to download a PDF of the Clothing Cake Topper.

Let us know how your Clothing Cake turns out! Tag us on Instagram @kidson45th

March 06, 2019

We've Been Sending Nearly New Clothes Nationwide for One Whole Year

By Elise Worthy - Founder & CEO of Kids on 45th

Last March, we sent out our first seasonal boxes of gently-used kids clothes to our first seasonal box customers – parents around the country. I wanted to build something for moms who were craving affordable kids clothes and didn’t feel like combing the clearance racks and sorting through consignment bins.

We started this journey by becoming the proud owners of a beloved Seattle kids consignment clothing store – Kids on 45th, which has been around since the 1980s. I shopped there regularly for my two sons. I also made some money back by consigning my kids clothes there.

In early 2017, I had made a consignment appointment at the store, and I was running late… I missed my appointment time, and they said they couldn’t rebook me because they were closing the store. I didn’t want our neighborhood to lose the access to great pre-loved clothes at affordable prices, so I sprang into action.

With my background in technology, I felt I could find a way to bottle up the love surrounding the Kids on 45th store, and spread that feeling throughout the U.S. with seasonal boxes of insanely affordable clothes. I had no idea how far we would come in just one year, and how fast we would grow. It’s clear that this is a product that moms not only really want –- they really need it! Time and money are precious resources for moms, after all!

We’ve come a long way in a year, and it’s flown by! We’ve sorted through a half a million clothing pieces to find gems for you and we’ve shipped boxes to every state in the U.S.

Thanks to all of you for being part of our journey so far, and we’re excited to keep growing and improving. When it comes to clothes – we want you to know that we have your back. We wouldn’t be here without you.

With love,
(Mama of Isaac & Cooper)

January 08, 2019

Introducing Kids on 45th

It's Nice to Meet You

Hi, We’re Kids on 45th 👋

Happy New Year! While we’re all welcoming 2019, we thought we should take a minute to introduce ourselves, and tell you a little bit about who we are and where we’re coming from :)

Kids on 45th offers super-affordable and seasonal subscription boxes of gently-used kids’ clothes. Every box is a surprise (which is part of the fun!) and filled with clothes in great condition: we aim for clothes you’d love as much as new.. Our goal is to help parents save money and make life a little easier. ‘Cause we know exactly how not fun it is to haul crabby kids to the store! And you know that headache you get from staring at your phone trying to find deals and sales? No thank you!

We got started in this business when, on a whim, our founder Elise bought a beloved kids’ consignment shop called Kids on 45th. For almost 30 years families in Seattle have flocked to the store for its selection of gently used gear and clothes. When the owner put it up for sale, Elise thought she’d give retail a try (eek!).

The Story Behind the Boxes

Kids on 45th Owner, Elise Worthy

Elise here :) While working every day in the store, I realized that although I was around kid’s clothes all day, I didn’t have the time to shop for my own kiddos (the cobbler’s kids have no shoes)! I figured this must be the case for many parents, balancing their time and resources. That’s how the seasonal boxes come to be! We began offering boxes of affordable, everyday kids’ wear like the stuff we sell in the store, shipped for free. My boys destroy their clothes and are always outgrowing something. The idea of having inexpensive clothing items for my boys delivered straight to my door every season sounded so good to me, I knew other moms and dads would love it too.

How It Works

Child opening Kids on 45th boxHere’s how we do our boxes: Parents create profiles of their kiddos and set style preferences, telling our stylists a little about their kids’ likes and dislikes. Our system suggests some basics that just about every kid needs, and parents can adjust the quantities and items as they wish. Then our stylists work from our current stock to put together boxes of (relatively!) coordinated clothes and ship them out.

We wanted the process of creating a box to be as easy, affordable, and convenient for parents as possible. That’s why you pick what goes in the box. So if you have a kid who’s tough on pants but likes to wear the same tee for days, you can order tons of jeans and fewer (or no!) shirts. The cost per box depends on what you put in it. For example, T-shirts start at $2.49 and the average price of an item of clothing is $3.49. So you can get your kiddo several complete outfits for less than $35, and shipping is free!

We offer the option of signing up for seasonal shipments or building a box whenever the kiddos need clothes (or both). It’s all super flexible and there aren’t any subscription fees or minimum orders or anything like that. If you opt to receive a box every season, we check in with you via email before we ship it. We confirm that you still want to receive your seasonal Kids on 45th box and that the items and sizes needed are up to date. Easy peasy, as they say 😃

About the Clothes

Kids sweater, jacket, and pants

Childrens long sleeve shirts and pants

Boy playing in jacket

People always ask us what they should expect from a Kids on 45th box, so we bet you’re wondering too. The clothes are

  • Gently used: Our buyers are picky about the items they accept. We never want to send out anything faded, stained, ripped, or pilling.

  • A mix of brands: From mall favorites like Gap, Gymboree, and OshKosh, to department and big-box store brands like Garanimals and Carters, our clothes are a mix of the brands you know and love, plus some you’ll discover for the first time (we love that part!).

  • Everyday wear: The kids we know won’t wear anything too fussy, so we try not to send anything too formal, stiff, or scratchy! We aim for comfy and cute in great condition. And if you tell us your kid loves denim and dinosaurs, we do our best (given current stock) to include clothes that fit the bill.

About the Store

Our “flagship” store in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood is open five days a week and a great little spot for parents looking for gently used and new clothes, toys, gifts, and gear. If you are ever in Seattle, stop in and say hi!

Like what we’re about? Get started building a box now.

We’re here to help! If you have any questions about how Kids on 45th works, or about your order, get in touch by emailing [email protected]