January 16, 2020

Seven Ways to Follow Minimalism

Are you into the minimalism trend? Less stuff and living more simply can mean lower stress, fewer bills, and easier, more enjoyable living.

Minimalism is a trend that we see a lot of Kids on 45th customers referencing. But what does minimalism refer to exactly? Is it all about living with less, or is there more to it than that? We did a little research and it turns out there are many ways to interpret and apply the minimalist philosophy in your life.

At its core, minimalism is about simplifying. Here are seven basic ways that K45 customers and many others are applying minimalist principles to their daily lives.

  1. Owning Less Stuff: Decluttering and reducing the amount of material items we own is probably the most well known of the minimalist philosophies. Our possessions can control us in a way – we have to shop for them, buy them, maintain them, manage them, keep them organized. It’s a lot! By reducing the amount owned, minimalists lighten this load and simplify their lives. In doing so, they diminish a huge weight that many of us don’t even realize we’re carrying around. As Kids on 45th fan Mila @discreetminimalism puts it, “Not that you shouldn’t own anything, but that nothing should own you.”
  2. Simplifying Finances: Minimalism applies to personal finances through the call to simplify. Opting for one credit card, one bank account, and so on diminishes time spent monitoring and managing our accounts. It makes paying bills easy-peasy and helps get a handle on fees and interest charges. It even lightens the load of pesky things like how many user names and passwords we have to organize.
  3. Going Smaller: Choosing a smaller home goes hand in hand with the minimalist mantra of having few possessions. Having less stuff means you can opt for a smaller space, saving you money on everything from rent to utility bills to the cost of furnishings and maintenance. It frees you from needing to spend all your free time on house projects and upkeep. And it prevents you from falling into the trap of buying things just to fill the empty spaces. You’ll be motivated to keep and display only the things you really love. Clutter and the overwhelm that comes with clutter diminish.
  4. Reusing and Reducing: Whether intentional not, the green factor is strongly aligned with minimalism. The act of reducing the amount we consume is itself a sustainable act – the less we buy and use the easier we are on our planet. Many minimalists like Kids on 45th fan Erica Flock sell possessions they no longer want and become part of the secondhand economy. As an eco-minded minimalist, you might try to buy all items used instead of choosing new.
  5. Being Thoughtful about Purchases: Most people who adopt a philosophy of minimalism still make purchases – after all, they have to live! – but there’s a new thoughtfulness that comes with consuming. You start to really consider whether you truly need or even want the things you’re buying. Rather than purchase something cheap that you’ll have to replace in a short time, you might opt to save up for a higher end brand that will last longer. Or you might choose to seek out items secondhand before purchasing new.
  6. Expressing Gratitude. Simplifying life seems to have the effect of jumpstarting feelings of gratitude and happiness in minimalists. As people learn to live with less, they tend to more fully appreciate what they have, and what they are electing to keep in their lives. Kids on 45th customer and minimalist enthusiast Chelsea Brown posts regularly about the gratitude and contentment that comes with living with less.
  7. Choosing Experiences: With the newfound freedom that comes from simplifying, minimalists tend to discover they have more time and resources available for experiences and living. From trips and activities to just being more present in their daily lives, minimalism-minded types report being able to better engage with the people, hobbies, and events of their lives because they’ve simplified the day-to-day aspects of their existence. Check out our friend Courtney’s @outofofficefamilyInstagram for one look at the adventures that can happen with a simpler lifestyle.

What’s your approach to minimalism? Are you a fan, and if so, what are some of the ways you’re embracing the tenets of minimalism in your family’s life?