January 23, 2019

Fitting in Fitness

Hi there! It’s January, so you know we just had to come up with a fitness post. Though we think winter in general and not just the holidays are to blame for our current physique. Actually, we’re pretty much always trying/wishing to be fitter – anyone else still toting a few pounds of preggo weight? 🙋

Since our biggest challenge when it comes to working out is actually fitting it in, we thought we’d go there 😀 Truthfully we’re not totally sure about that – it’s quite possible if we had tons of free time we still wouldn’t do any lunges, hee hee. But since there’s no chance of that happening – we are 100% certain that all moms need more hours in their day – we’re gonna focus this post on what we’re trying to fit a little fitness into our lives.

Plan for It

People who are in far better shape than us say planning your workouts is key. Block off time in your day for some fitness and it’s far more likely to actually get done, right? We’re training ourselves to take a quick peek at the day or week and see when we could realistically sneak off to the gym, or work in a walk, or take a class. The most common times the moms we know have to exercise tend to be:

  • During naptime: This is a great time to do a workout DVD or follow a routine on a fitness app.
  • On a lunch break: Sneak out for a speed walk on your lunch hour.
  • Early mornings: If you’re a morning person, working out before anyone else in your house is awake is a good option.
  • With your kiddos: Snuggle your kiddo into the stroller and head out for a walk.
  • During screen time: Let your kiddo watch a show while you work out.
  • Late night: Still have energy after putting the kids to bed? Commit to using the time to getting your work out on!

Surprisingly, so far we have found a couple of hours a week to exercise by reorganizing our days a bit (honestly, mostly by getting up a little earlier here and there, and cutting out a bit of mindless screen scrolling). But if you’re not seeing even a couple of times a week here and there where you might get in a full workout, you’re definitely not alone! Read on…

Get Creative

As busy as all moms are, it’s pretty much essential that we actually create opportunities for exercise in our daily lives. By that we mean turning everyday events into chances to bust a move. We’re talking about (admittedly kinda dorky) things like parking in the far lot and hiking it into the store, hauling all the groceries in by yourself, the throwing down a few pushups on the playground, and doing jumping jacks in front of the TV. There are a bunch of apps that offer super-short workouts designed to do in your living room, and some are potentially possible even for mamas at home with tiny humans!

Dress for Sweat-cess

We’re moms, so casual is our MO. That said, we’re not about to break a sweat in skinny jeans (oh no). And there have definitely been times we’ve skipped on a quick walk because we’re really hoping to keep our shoes in pristine condition, are you with us? So clothes are key. Luckily this is a relatively easy fix. It just requires keeping comfy shoes and stretchy pants on the ready so we can take advantage of any random opportunities to work out. So if you don’t want to wear your workout gear around town, it’s not an impossible ask to stash a pair of sneakers and leggings in your car or gigantic mom tote, right?

Push Your Partner

Don’t go it alone! Gently nudging your partner or a friend to exercise more is surely going to motivate you to make some moments to move, right? Whether you work out together or just compare your steps at the end of the day, having someone along for the jog is going to be of benefit to everyone involved. Plus, any opportunity for matching wrist and headbands should not be ignored, you know? 😂

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