August 27, 2019

Check Out Our Labor Day Dollar Rack: Prices Start at $1

Limited Time through Labor Day - Stock up on Gently-Used Kids’ Clothes! We think they’re “Flawsome”

Love a deal? You’re not the only one. At our store in Seattle, our Dollar Rack is the most beloved section. And we know why! These are items that show the slightest bit of wear and tear – maybe a tiny bit of fading on jeans, perhaps a little pilling at the bottom of a sweatshirt – making them are crazy good values. Our in-store customers love to buy from the rack frequently, because they know what gems we find. We know you’re also going to love it, and we are excited to bring the Dollar Rack to our online customers, finally, for a limited time through Labor Day weekend.

The idea for an “Online Dollar Rack” came to us when we were sorting clothes to find the best items to include in our Kids on 45th boxes. Our stylists follow strict guidelines for our Premium Used Kids Clothes that require them to reject clothes that are in perfect shape except for some tiny flaw like a bit of pilling on a sweatshirt or fading on a graphic tee. In our experience at the store, we know there are many parents out there who would love to purchase these “flawsome” clothes if the price was right. And that’s why we’re bringing the Dollar Rack online this Labor Day weekend.

Save Time and Even More Money

Prices on this weekend’s Online Dollar Rack are super low, even as compared to our regular cheap prices on kids clothes! Items on the Dollar Rack start at $1 for toddler clothes, $2 for big kids and tweens, and top out at $5. And remember: we do all the hunting for you, so you can bank both money and time saved when you shop Kids on 45th! You may also love that “saving the planet” feeling.

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Use Your Style Notes

Using the style notes you have in your kiddo’s profile, our stylists will hunt for the perfectly imperfect clothes that fit your kiddo just like they do for your Premium Used Clothes. When you get your box, you’ll see why parents at our Seattle store rave about the Dollar Rack. We think you’ll love these clothes as much as you love the price!

We want to hear what you think of us bringing our Dollar Rack to our online customers, so let us know in the comments below or on our social media like Instagram and Facebook. Should we have the Dollar Rack options all the time?

Don’t Miss this Sale

Shop our Labor Day Dollar Rack “flawsome” clothes with the awesome prices now. Hurry, this sale ends Monday, September 2nd.

What’s on the Kids on 45th Dollar Rack?

We know you’re curious about what types of flawsome clothes you’ll get when you shop the Dollar Rack. Take a look –– We checked out one Dollar Rack item with our friend, Isaac: