February 08, 2019

10 Tips for Reconnecting with Your Partner

Don’t get too excited, this post is totally PG 😂

AHEM. You probably know Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. As a parent, it’s totally possible that February 14 means scribbling your kiddo’s name on the 30 cartoon cards you bought in a panic the night before. (It’s moments like these that make parenting lifesavers like Kids on 45th boxes so awesome! It takes just a few minutes out of your day to have all your kiddo’s clothes shopping over and done!). The best of us have considered getting a sitter. And for the rest of us, when it comes to our partners, well, every day is Valentine’s Day when they’re with us, right? 😜

Use Valentine’s Day to Reconnect

Actually, no, LOL. Sure it’s a bit of a Hallmark holiday, but the value in Valentine’s Day is it gets us at least thinking about doing something romantic and thoughtful for our significant others. Maybe flowers, chocolates, and a dinner-and-a-movie date are textbook, but it’s the thought behind the purchasing and planning that matter. ‘Cause while being together in the daily hustle and bustle of life and parenting is ultimately the best Valentine, it’s a little too easy to take that for granted, right? You need to stop and acknowledge it sometimes with a heart-shaped box of 55% dark!

Plus (warning: purely selfish sentiment ahead): when it comes to relationships and romance, you often get out what you put in… that said, who’s joining us in trying one of these basic, everyday ways to keep your romance alive this month?

10 Tips for Reconnecting with Your Partner

1. Speak their love language You’ve probably heard of the five love languages: acts of service, receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time. It might be hard to speak to your partner’s love language on a daily basis, we know. But if there’s ever a time to put in the effort, it’s Valentine’s!

2. Take a peek in the mirror One of the great things about being in a relationship is being able to be totally comfortable around each other – enter hoodie and sweatpants – but it’s nice to put in a special effort to look good for each other too, right? Trust us, it gets noticed (even if s/he doesn’t say anything!).

3. Give in You don’t have to be a doormat, but if you’re being a doorstop more often than not, be an angel and just this once* buy/do/plan whatever it is your partner’s been wanting** that you’ve been opposing. Honestly it’s probably worth it for you, not only in the partner goodwill but also by relieving the stress that comes with all that roadblocking!

4. Sub in Is there something your partner dislikes doing that you could take over? Anything you can do to make daily life easier for your partner means less stress on them, and more good feels for the both of you, woot! Let him or her know that from now on, you’re doing their dirty work, and you’re doing it out of love.

5. Give them a break Work, school, parenting, life: whatever’s on your partner’s plate, it’s a lot. Every parent we know could use a break, even our neighbors who live directly across the street from their kids’ grandparents/no-cost babysitters. Send your partner off for some unexpected alone time or a nap just because – now that’s love 💕 Especially since you surely need it as much as s/he does… unselfish actions for the romantic win!

6. One word: massage No explanation necessary, right? 😉

7. Make eye contact When’s the last time you really looked at the love of your life? Put down your phone, and gaze at your guy or gal instead. Do this, regularly, and see if it doesn’t lead to sparks especially when paired with a heartfelt compliment!

8. Breathe, then speak Be proactive, not reactive by taking a breath and thinking about your response instead of snapping when your partner says something less than savory… not that your partner ever drives you nuts or anything! It might not seem like a big deal but every snappy comment chips away at your love a little, whereas you could build it up by responding more positively.

9. Plan a date Cliché but for good reason: spending time with your sweetie is essential, and Valentine’s Day is here to remind us of that. Get a sitter, make a reservation, and go out.

10. Snuggle Remember the pre-kid days when you could stay in bed forever just snuggling? Do that now.

Relationships definitely take work, but they’re so worth it! Any tips you can share on what you do to keep the connection strong with your sweetie?

*Oh you! would it really kill you to do it twice?

**within reason, haha