Best value & convenience

build a box of your kid's everyday essentials

Low prices on high quality nearly-new clothing, packed uniquely for each kid.

Rain, rain, come and play

Save on Spring. Dress your kiddos for less with our boxes of nearly-new clothing at the lowest price possible.

How it works


We source the best used clothing through our facilities around the country.


Let us know your child’s size and style and we’ll build you a seasonal box!


The wardrobe will be shipped right to your door.

Sweet Deals

Items are $3.29 on average, 20-90% off retail.

Customizable Boxes

Need more shirts but no pants?
No problem!

Easy Subscription

Want new wardrobes every season? Toggle your subscription anytime.

What’s Inside

Catch a sneak peek of sample boxes from our January live sale!

Two women selling cheap childrens clothes, live.

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